Bobolink Tools and Libraries

Bobolink uses a Crank-Nicholson implicit solution technique. This requires some QR decompositions, which use the Jama java matrix package. I learned about Crank-Nicholson from Numerical Recipes in C, 2nd Ed

Bobolink uses the Swing java GUI package, which as of version 1.2 has been incorporated into Java. JDK 1.1 users must have Swing installed as a separate package in order to run Bobolink. If you don't instructions on installing swing are available. Since some versions of Netscape didn't have Swing by default, I made a Swing detector applet which you may run or download the source. Swing is a very nice GUI package but the fact that most browsers don't have it, and that Netscape can't even install it automatically, makes applets requiring Swing much less accessible to the public. This has led me to stop using it in most of my other applets.

I use the Jikes java compiler from IBM, which is much faster and more informative than Sun's java compiler. It's not 100% reliable, however. I keep the Sun version handy for when Jikes produces code that crashes the JVM, which is rare but has happened to me on several occasions.

Bobolink makes heavy use of the Java Reflection, which is just part of Java. The Reflection is very powerful, and is often overlooked.

The Bobolink code documentation was made with JavaDoc, a very nice automatic documentation generator provided by sun.

Bobolink was developed on Red Hat Linux using the Blackdown Java-Linux port.

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