Bobolink Examples Page

Here is an integrator with a couple of scopes hooked up at key points, which integrates a pulse to produce a step. This page is set up to get around most browser problems by hiding its datafiles as classes so it can load them with the classloader. This applet works better with the java plugin, which you can download for Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

If you have the plugin and you are still on this page, go to the plugin-enabled version. The difference between this page and the plugin version is that the Swing class library, which is included in the plugin but not in most browsers' built-in java libraries, is included here as an explicitly downloaded class file. This means that this applet needs tp download about 2.5 Mb of stuff, comprising 0.1 Mb of the applet itself and 2.4 Mb of Swing. This can take up to 15 minutes over a typical modem link.

If you are still unable to run the applet from this page, make sure that your browser has Java enabled. Also, see my Swing installation page for further help.

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