Bobolink User Documentation

This document only discusses how to run Bobolink, not how to create new block types.

Blocks are created by selecting the type off the "Component" menu. A block can be positioned by dragging it with the left mouse button. A block's parameters can be edited by left-clicking on it, and editing them in the dialog that then appears.

Links are created by left-clicking over a link point (one of the triangles attached to blocks.) Further clicks that aren't over other link points or other links cause right-angle turns in the link being laid. Links can be terminated at other link points (of the correct gender), or by connecting them to other links.

The screen can be panned and zoomed by left-dragging over empty canvas and right-dragging over empty canvas, respectively. The zoom is performed around the spot the drag started.

The file menu only works when Bobolink is run as an application. The applet form file menu can only serve to make trouble.

To run the simulation, select "Run" under the "Simulation" menu. This executes a fixed number of fixed-length timesteps. The exact parameters can be set by selecting the "Edit Parameters" option under "Simulation".

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